Knit Stitch Marker Set in Mandalorian Sheeple

Knit Stitch Marker Set in Mandalorian Sheeple

Knit Stitch Marker Set in Mandalorian Sheeple

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Amy Midgett-Blacklock

So cute and functional!

These stitch markers will help keep you on track with your project and coordinate with your favorite project bag. Who doesn't love project jewelry? Plus these markers make a great gift for any knitter. Pair them with your favorite project bag for the perfect gift for any knitter, including the one you see in the mirror every day. Not only will these markers help you stay on track with your project, but they also provide a fun and creative way to add a special touch to your crochet project. Made from laser cut acrylic these colorful stitch markers will make even the toughest project a little more fun!

About Stitch Marker Preorders

Preorders are always announced in our newsletter, on social media, and also through our collaboration with CommentSold.

Though these items will only be available on the website, you can opt in to receive a Facebook message by opting in here.

These are NOT SMS texts, they are through the Facebook Messenger. We will never spam you, but we will send a reminder when the preorders open, as an reminder because life can get busy.

Typically, we will try and keep a preorder open for 10 days. If they sell out before that, then obviously, the round will close.

We will be limiting how many of each design people can purchase for the first several days.

Please be sure to read all the FAQs and policies on the listing and here.

To try and make this as fair as possible, we ask that you only order a max of 2 sets of each design in each type.

For example: You can order 2 sets of knit and 2 sets of crochet in design A and in design B for a total of 8 sets.

You cannot order more than 2 of any design in any type. So you cannot order 3 sets of design A in knit.

This is to make sure that everyone gets a fair shot at ordering stitch markers since the designs are limited.

Please note: After the first 4 days of the preorder, we will remove the order limit and you can order as many as you would like of the remaining inventory.

This will be a first come, first served situation. Also, it is important to remember that there are no cart holds on preorders, meaning whoever completes checkout first is the person with the item.

We have no control over that part of the system.

If you order more in the first 4 days than is allowed, we will cancel your order and refund you monies.

Sadly, no. Once we close the preorder, we start production. We go try to make a few extra of each set to ensure that any issue with the image transfer can be replaced.

This means that occasionally, there might be a few listed on the website after the preorder round has shipped.

If you find that you want to be notified of these limited updates, please make sure you are subscribed to our newsletter, so you never miss any news!

You can sign up here:

Due to the super long process of making stitch markers, we can only create a few sets each month to be able to offer them in both knit and crochet versions.

That said, if you would like to help us chose what sets should be made next, we do a lot of that discussion in our Facebook group.

You can join it here.

Preorders are done rarely, but when they are, you can find the shipping details on the item listing page, where you purchased your item. You can find a link to that item in your order confirmation in your inbox within about 10 minutes of completing your purchase.

Should you not get a confirmation email, please make sure to check your promotions filter, spam filter, and all mail filters. We do not have control over email providers and how the filter emails.

Since this item is made to order, we do not offer returns, refunds, or exchanges.

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