Which Bag is Best?

Here is a quick guide to help you find the best bag for just about every crafting scenario! 

Project bags:

Here a chart breaking down the similarities and differences in all of our project bags.

Comparison chart of Erin.Lane project bags stating the approximate yarn capacity, possibly uses, and closures.


Since there are lots of different things about all of our totes.  We have a few things to help you decide including a very handy flow chart!

Comparison Chart of the Bucket, Barrel, and Ewesful tote bags by Erin Lane bags including yarn capacity, extra features, and possible uses.

Comparison chart of the Market tote, Worth Doing, and Everyday tote by Erin Lane Bags showing yarn capacity, possible uses, and extra features.

Flow chart for how helping you chose what kind of tote bag is best for your situation.  Including type of bag structure, yarn capacity and uses. Flow chart includes the Barrel, Bucket, Ewesful, Market tote, Worth Doing Tote, and Everyday Tote by Erin Lane Bags

View Bags:

Since you should be proud of every stitch, sometimes showing off your handwork is the answer.  So here's a quick comparison of our two most popular view style bags.

Comparison chart comparing Erin Lane Bags's View Ewe tote and Stash Finder Project Organizer. Includes measurements, uses, yarn capacity, and extra features of each bag.

Needle Organizers:

Last but certainly not least, there are our KNITPacks.  These beauties are designed by crafters for crafters because we know how expensive tools can be.  Each on does a little something different so here's a quick flow chart to help you solve your needle and hook storage woes.

Flow chart explaining which KNITPack for knitting needle and crochet hook storage is the best solution based on your specific needs.