Rewards FAQs

Erin Lane Bags Rewards:

We call these Floofbahs.  Why? Because when I was setting up the rewards I was a little punchy.  Also, Floofbahs is more fun to say than points, so we stuck with it. 

How to earn:

Earning is very simple.  You just need to have an account at (which will also work on our app) and log in.  Then every time you make a purchase, you will automatically earn Floofbahs (points).

You can also earn rewards by following us on social media, entering your birthday, and referring friends. (You have a customized link, but more on that later.)

 How to Redeem:

You can redeem your points whenever you want!  You simply log in either on the app or on the website, and click the rewards icon.

You then click redeem.

You will then see your options for coupon codes.  You can redeem any amount of points at any time.  You do not have to use the highest discount offered.  You can simply decide what discount fits your current purchase (isn't that awesome?!).

You will then see a coupon code.  Simply copy that coupon code and use it at checkout.  You should also receive an email with that coupon code in your inbox shortly after redemption.  

If you have any issues with the coupon code, please email a copy of the code to  We will try and troubleshoot the problem.