Although we do not expect as many delays as we expereinced last year, we do expect that packages will take longer to arrive at their destination this holiday season. Please note that once a package leaves our studio, we have no control over them and are not responsible for any delays.

We offer USPS, USPS Priority Mail, and UPS. So please choose your shipping carrier based on your needs and timeline. However, we cannot guarantee delivery in time for Christmas or any other holiday.

If it looks like your package will not make it on time, please contact us at and we will send you an image of item you can print out and wrap for your loved one.

If you are concerned about shipping times, we also offer gift cards which are usually very well received and are delivered via email instantly.

This sometimes occurs if your mail carrier has too many packages to get delivered in one day.  They can scan it as delivered, return to the post office, and just deliver it the next day or two. This is VERY common during the holidays.

During the holiday season it is normal that some packages will be delayed in the postal system and tracking information may not always update accurately.  This does not mean your package is lost!  It just means their system was overwhelmed and they weren’t able to scan everything at every stop along the way.

In the rare event that a package is lost in the mail system, we are happy to help investigate; however, please be advised that we have no more information, nor the ability to gather any more information than you do.

If your package is lost please follow the steps on the USPS website. First file a Help Request Form.  If that does not get your package to you in 7 business days, you can then file a Missing Mail Search Request. You will need the tracking number provided to you via email - these sometimes get caught in spam or promotional folders. If you chose UPS and have an issue, please email

We are a small business and are unable to refund/replace packages due to shipping delays once the items are mailed.

We will not be able to discuss issuing a refund/replacement until 60 days after receiving a copy of your Missing mail Request. This is to allow the postal system to recover from any issues.

We are not responsible for stolen packages. Once a package is marked delivered by the USPS or UPS we cannot offer refunds or replacements.


We are glad to combine orders into one package. (This is so much better for the environment.)

However, we are not able to refund the shipping costs. Shipping is one of the largest expenses we have, and we do not make any money on our shipping. we charge you exactly what we pay, so even if we combine the orders, the cost is the same to us.

Preorders are done rarely, but when they are, you can find the shipping details on the item listing page, where you purchased your item. You can find a link to that item in your order confirmation in your inbox within about 10 minutes of completing your purchase.

Should you not get a confirmation email, please make sure to check your promotions filter, spam filter, and all mail filters. We do not have control over email providers and how the filter emails.

Store Policies

We want you to love your purchase. If you are unhappy for any reason, please contact us immediately. If you do not contact us about your return, you will incur a reprocessing fee.

Bags must be in original, sellable, condition and must not smell like anything other than fabric (smoke, pets, essential oils, perfume).

Bags must be returned within 60 days of receipt.

Preorder items are not returnable or refundable. This includes Hankmas items.

Return shipping will not be refunded and is the sole responsibility of the buyer.

A small restocking fee may apply.

We reserve the right to revoke the ability to return products if the products are returned in unsellable condition or if the buyer is abusing our return policy.

If the product is unsellable, we will contact you to see if you would like to pay shipping to have the item(s) returned to you.

We want you to love your bag, but as a small business returns are expensive. If you are determined to be abusing the policy we reserve the right to make all future purchases final sale only.

Gift cards and digital downloads are non returnable.

We are glad to repair your bag for you.

We can fix most things, run away magnets, strap/handles coming loose, snaps that don't snap, and the like.

We cannot repair torn or cut fabric, fabric that has be worn out, or corners that are showing wear. This is the nature of using cotton fabric, and we try to interface everything to make the bag last a long time.

If your bag purchased on the online store and and a manufacturing defect, we will gladly send you a return label from our system.

**Please Note: The sewing schedule is set sometimes as far as 18 months out from any given date. that means that repairs are worked into the sewing schedule. From the date the product is received back, repairs can take up to 4-6 weeks' time. During the holidays, that timeline can be longer.

Yes! This business was started by me and my mom when things were really hard for our family. Each bag is made one at a time by me and her small team of helpers.

I have an amazing best friend, who does all the drawstrings for us, so if you have a drawstring bag, Jenni made that for you. Everything else is sewn by me, and folded, turned and pressed by my helpers Angie and Michele.

Because of the handmade nature of these items variance in size sometimes will occur. We list all our sizes as approximate as we cut and sew everything by hand. That means sometimes bags are a little bigger or a little smaller than is listed on the website. This is how bag making goes some days.

If you are looking for something that is identical every single time, this is probably not the shop for you. We make mistakes sometimes!

We are glad to fix them too, but if you are looking for perfection, I can assure you I am not perfect, but I do sew pretty well.

At Erin.Lane Bags, we are dedicated to creating an inclusive and diverse fiber arts community where all individuals are treated with respect and dignity.

At Erin.Lane Bags, we are committed to providing excellent customer service and maintaining a positive and respectful atmosphere for both our customers and employees.  As such we reserve the right to refuse service of any kind to customers who are abusive in any way.  This includes, but is not limited to, the use of offensive language, disrespectful tone, threats, harassment, discrimination, or any other behavior that creates an uncomfortable or hostile environment for our employees.

We ask that you remember you are not talking to a faceless corporation but a real person. We understand being frustrated, but we believe that customer service is reliant on the mutual respect of both parties.

Care Instructions

These are typically our tote bags. When we say "stands on it's own" we mean the bag with stand up completely empty without any fiddling.

This applies to the Bucket, Barrel, and Ewesful totes.

We recommend putting the empty bag in the washing machine on gentle with a gentle detergent.

When it's done, reshape it and let it air dry.

The product that makes this bag stand up is rubber based and should NEVER be put in a dryer.

We recommend putting the empty bag in the washing machine on gentle with a gentle detergent.

When it's done, reshape it and let it air dry.

Please be aware that the muslin lining might shrink slightly more than the printed fabric. This is unavoidable, but will not change how the bag looks or functions.

You can iron your bag on a cotton setting on your iron if you so desire.

You can still wash it.

If your product contains a magnet, they are nickel plated so they will not rust, though, they will, for sure, stick to some part of your washing machine drum.

So make sure to check around the drum as they tend to hide.

Lay flat to dry.

When washing something that contains vinyl, please allow extra time to dry as well as making sure there is space between the vinyl and fabric for the best result.

Please note that excessive washing of clear vinyl (not frosted like in the Pattern Keeper) can and will result in a foggy appearance after time. To prevent that you can always spot clean the bag.

This would apply to View Ewes, Mini Views, and All Stash Finders.

The Pattern Keeper is also washable, but the vinyl is frosted, so it is less likely to have any issues being washed.

Should your pattern transfer to the vinyl in your pattern keeper, typically rubbing alcohol will remove the ink.

Our most general washing instructions apply to most of our products.

We recommend putting the empty bag in the washing machine on gentle with a gentle detergent.

When it's done, reshape it and let it air dry.

You can iron your bag on the cotton setting on your iron safely if you want to.

Events and Get Togethers

We have a live sale about every month. It is a fun thing we do on Facebook. Sometimes as a Erin.Lane Bag Buddies Exclusive (you can join us here) and sometimes on our main Facebook page (you can follow us here).

It's like an interactive video sale. Lindsey holds up items, describes them, and you can claim them via a keyword. This is all done using our CommentSold system.
We have a short video on how the whole things works that you can watch here.

You can also shop our live sales with our free app on your app store. You can download it here.

Hankmas is an annual event we hold each year for 12 days in December.

Each day, we have a Live Sale. But instead of having lots of products in a few fabrics each, we have ONE product in LOTS of fabrics.

This is a time when Lindsey gets to play with designs to see if they work in real life and if they are something you want in the long term. Products that were once only available during Hankmas that are now regular or semi-regular items include: Super Twofers, Stash Finders, and Project Pals.

Starting in 2020, we also started designing fabric that is exclusive for Hankmas, meaning that you could snag a one of a kind item that is never produced again!

This is always a Bag Buddies exclusive sale, so non-group members do not see these live sales.

We only ask that you do not use coupon codes on sales during this event. You can always use them on the website and during our live sales throughout the year.

You can join our Bag Buddies Group here.

We currently are only doing one in person show each year.

We attend the DFW Fiber Festival each year in September. It is truly one of our favorite events each year!

Please note that is is a juried show so I will go to this event as long as they will still have me. If I am not there it is because either I am sick, or the board has decided that they want to see something/someone new. And we support them in their endeavors to keep that show floor fresh and full of amazing handmade vendors.

Erin Lane Stories

Hank is my pet yarn.  My hubby and I travel so much we can't have a dog, so he bought me pet yarn.  Hank is just that, a hank of yarn, though his brand and blend have been discontinued.  He is a skein of Pagewood Farms yarn, and I love him. You can generally find him in my booth at knitting events, and yes, he LOVES pictures!

My name is Lindsey, but no I don't live on Erin.Lane, nor have I ever.  When my mother and I first started the company, (which was kind of an accident) we needed a name quickly.  We wanted it to combine our names, but Lindsey Lisa sounded lame, so we played with combining Martin and Galasso.  No dice.  Then we thought, middle names.  Mine is Erin, and my mothers was Lane.  We put it together and loved it.  I ever remember my dad saying, "Erin.Lane, that sounds fancy, like Vera Bradley."

We are happy to say that we design the fabrics in house. We have an amazing illustrator and dear friend, William, who draws all of our Sheeple and some other elements, like our Butt Fabrics.

We also work with graphic artists and designers to buy elements to create all of our non sheeple prints.

We create each collection with a theme, so there should always be something for everyone.