1. Can I really wash my bag?

You absolutely can wash your bag!  I was a middle school teacher for a decade.  If it couldn't be washed, it couldn't survive my life. It's pretty simple.  Just pop your bag/needle case/tote in the washer in a cold wash gentle cycle.  Then block it like you would any handknit.  Just lay flat to dry. 

PLEASE NOTE:  You can wash sheeple printed items; however, you might notice a bit more shrinkage on the lining fabric than the exterior fabric.  That has to do with the dye setting process of print on demand fabrics.  If your item has sheeple inside and out, wash away without worries. 

2. Can I return my organizer or bag?

We want you to love your purchase.  If you don't we will gladly swap it out for you. We accept exchanges/returns on new condition items.  We only ask that you pay the shipping to get it back to us.  We will ship you what you want in exchange as soon as we receive your item back. 

3. What if my bag breaks?

We are glad to repair your bag for you.  If it was purchased on the online store and has a manufacturing defect, we will gladly send you a return label from our system. 

If you purchased your bag in person, we will still gladly repair your item, but we are unable to send you a return label due to the constraints of our system.  We will mail your bag back to you at our cost in either situation.

Please note that depending on the sewing schedule and travel schedule, your repair can take up to two to four weeks to be processed.  Though we strive to be faster than that, sometimes travel keeps us away from the machines for extended periods of time. 

4. I purchased items over a few days, can I combine shipping?

We are glad to combine the orders into one package.  (This is so much better for the environment.)

However, we will not be able to refund the shipping costs.  Shipping is one of the largest expenses we have, and we do not make any money on our shipping.  We charge you exactly what we pay, so even if we combine the order, the cost is the same to us.  

5. My package says delivered, but I still don't have it. What do I do?

This sometimes occurs if your mail carrier has too many packages to get delivered in one day.  They can scan it as delivered, return to the post office, and just deliver it the next day or two.  


Most domestic orders take 1-4 business days to be delivered after shipping depending on your distance from Murfreesboro, TN.  If it says something other than "Delivered" please contact us.  Sometimes packages get routed incorrectly.  If it says "Delivered" but is not at your address, please do the following:

  1. Check with your household and your neighbors
  2. Speak to your mail carrier directly.  (They are typically super nice people.)
  3. Double check that the address was entered correctly on your invoice.
  4. Contact us at lindsey@erinlanebags.com, or brittanipearl@erinlanebags.com
  5. After contacting us, please give us a few days to look into the issue.  We have had packages marked delivered one day that actually arrive a 2-3 days later. If nothing turns up, you will need to fill out a Missing Package Complaint with the USPS, and send us a copy.  

At this point, we can discuss replacement options, but please note that due to the nature of the turn over of fabrics, that item may no longer be in stock, and may not be able to be reproduced. Please keep in mind that we are a small business and once an item leaves us, we have no ability to control the USPS' handling of it.  

Please know that we will do everything we can to make sure we handle this in a fair manner. 

6. Who does all the sewing?

Mostly, the sewing is done by me.  I am almost completely a one-woman show. I have some help on the project bags from a dear friend who comes over twice a week and from my college roommate who sews while my nephew naps.   

7. Where are these manufactured?

Every single item is manufactured in the United States.  We believe that American Made Matters!  I have a sewing studio in the bonus room of my house in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.  I sew over my garage most days while listening to audiobooks.

8. If your name is Lindsey, why is the company named Erin.Lane?

My name is Lindsey, but no I don't live on Erin.Lane, nor have I ever.  When my mother and I first started the company, (which was kind of an accident) we needed a name quickly.  We wanted it to combine our names, but Lindsey Lisa sounded lame, so we played with combining Martin and Galasso.  No dice.  Then we thought, middle names.  Mine is Erin, and my mothers was Lane.  We put it together and loved it.  I ever remember my dad saying, Erin.Lane, that sounds fancy, like Vera Bradley.

9. Who is Hank?

Hank is my pet yarn.  My hubby and I travel so much we can't have a dog, so he bought me pet yarn.  Hank I is just that a hank of yarn, though his brand and blend have been discontinued.  He is a skein of Pagewood Farms yarn, and I love him. You can generally find him in my booth at knitting events, and yes, he LOVES pictures!

10. Where do you get your fabrics?

We are happy to say that most of the fabrics on our website are designed in house.  We develop the Sheeple with the help of a dear friend and illustrator, William Garrison, who you can find on twitch at HobbyHaus.tv.  He is an amazingly talented person who has the biggest heart.  

We also have developed our Curiosities Collection in house, though Lindsey acquired the art for those fabrics outside of William. 

The other fabrics you see on the website are designed by other people and are purchased for Facebook Live sales and, occasionally, for in-person events.