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We love hearing from our fabulous customers and are ready to help with any issues you encounter. Please contact one of the two email addresses below if you need assistance.

**This is NOT  That is a different company.  If you are missing a bag or a jacket from that company, you are not alone.  I have gotten so many emails and phone calls.  I totally understand your frustration.  Our suggestion is that you file a chargeback with your credit card or debit card company.  This will either get your goods to you or get you a refund. I'm so sorry if this has happened to you.**


Customer Support and General Inquiry

If you need immediate assistance, you can call or text me at: 615-830-7498


If you need to mail a damaged item back for repair, you can mail it to 

Erin.Lane Bags

875 Seven Oaks Blvd. STE 420

Smyrna, TN 37167