Hankmas 2023 The Reveal

Hankmas 2023 Full Product Reveal!

First a few things I need you to know about the shipments that have been sent. 

1. No, you are not missing your stitch markers.  We had a few delays the largest of which was a delay in the arrival of the hardware that makes the do dads actual stitch markers. 

2. Any bags ordered in the same order with stitch markers will ship with the stitch markers. So do not think that they are missing.  We were just unable to split the orders to separate the bags and stitch markers without delaying shipping further. 

3. If you want to see some fun math about how Hankmas works (and how the snow storm was SUPER unhelpful, I have included some math on how long the process takes.)

The Bags:

The Adventure Tote:

Adventure Tote Crossbody Tote with exterior zippered and slipped pockets-Erin Lane Bags

This bag was inspired by a bag we did as a give away at DFW Fiber Fest in September of 2023.  With a large zippered pocket for all your essentials as well as a slip pocket, you can always have your essentials handy, while on your latest yarn-y adventure.  Designed as a crossbody bag, the tote is great for you as a project bag and a bag for everyday use around town. 

Bag Facts:

  • Measures approximately 13 tall X 12 wide X 4 deep
  • Great for a purse and project bag combo, shawls, sweaters, socks, and just knitting and crocheting on the go!
  • Holds about 1740 yards of DK or worsted weight

All The Rage Project Bag:

All the Rage Project bag with soft webbing handle for easy carrying with zippered closure and 4 inch bottom- Erin Lane Bag

This bag is sure to be a fan favorite in no time!  The All the Rage bag wasn't on our original list for Hankmas 2023, but when two products failed to come together correctly, there was a spot, and well, as you can guess, a lot of rage.  So here we are, with a new bag, and she's kind of a mood. The All the Rage bag is lined and all of the seams are bound in grosgrain ribbon helping create a more structured project bag so you can knit or crochet while your bag stands open.  The zipper closure is on the front instead of the top of the bag to help prevent the dreaded yarn caught in your zipper. The soft webbing handle is designed to go on your wrist so you can grab it and go to your favorite knit and crochet group, or you can knit and crochet as you walk around town.

Bag Facts:

  • Measures approximately 10" tall X 11" wide X 4" deep
  • Great for socks, shawls, baby garments, hats, scarves
  • Holds about 1304 yards of DK or worsted weight

 Book Sleeve

Book sleeve bag for tablets and books or novels with angled zipper and foam lining to pad and add protection-Erin Lane Bags

The book sleeve obviously is great for keeping your favorite book ready and protected should you find yourself in a place where you can read a few pages between meetings or while you relax after work. This book sleeve is big enough to hold a full size trade paperback novel, but it will also easily handle a full size tablet with ease. So should you need to carry your full library with you (you know, in case you finish one book and need another) you can take your tablet with you! The padded interfacing of this book sleeve will help provide a little protection for your book or your tablet.  With the angled zipper it's less likely to grab and bend corners of books, and makes is super easy to get your tablet in and out without worrying about scratching your screen!

Book sleeve with full size trade paperback novel inside. The book sleeve has an angled zipper and is padded for extra protection on those corners - Erin Lane Bags

Bag Facts:

  • Measures approximately 11" tall and 9" wide
  • Great for books or your favorite tablet
  • Holds possibly your next great read or if your are feeling a little whimsical, your next great adventure!

Corner Case

 Corner case with angled zipper is great for pens or accessories as you travel to keep things organized in your tote. - Erin Lane Bags

The corner case is a great bag to throw into your favorite tote so you never have to go digging for your pens or crochet hooks or notions. The zipper goes corner to corner allowing the bag to sit open easily so you can see what's inside even if that is a rogue stitch marker. This bag is a great complement to the book sleeve to help you keep all your annotation tools easily at hand while you read.

Book Facts:

  • Measures approximately 9" wide and 4" tall
  • Great for pens, highlighters, washi tape, annotating supplies, crochet hooks, knitting notions, stitch markers, measuring tapes.

Dice A Lot Project Bag

Dice a lot project bag in romance floral with zippered closure and carabiner for attaching to other bags. - Erin Lane Bags

The dice a lot was premiered for our Destination Lane members in early 2023.  It was such a huge hit, we decided to bring it back for Hankmas! This is the big sister to our very well loved dice bag, which began it's life as a dice bag (well, obviously) but on a live stream was adopted by our community as a project bag used for so many things inside and outside knitting and crochet projects is is unreal.  Since the little version is so useful, the Dice A Lot is sure to prove the same!  

Bag Facts: 

  • Measures approximately 10" tall X 10" wide X 5" deep
  • Great for socks, shawls, scarves, baby items, granny squares, or organize your chargers and cords when you travel!
  • Holds about 680 yards of DK or worsted weight yarn

Notions Gem Key Fob

Notions Gem Key Fob to keep things you need handy with your keys so they never get lost in your knitting or crochet bag. - Erin Lane Bags

The Notions Key Fob is great for keeping things you need regularly or in an emergency handy.  With a easy large lobster claw to attach to your key ring, you won't ever find yourself digging in the bottomless pit of your bag to find your keys. The zippered closure keeps your goodies safe inside, but should you need to see what's in there, the light colored interior makes it easy. It also sits open with a wide mouth making it a perfect knit and crochet companion for normally pesky notions that tend to run away (ahem, stitch makers, I'm looking at you.)

Notions Gem Key Fob open with a light colored interior

Bag Facts:

  • Measures approximately 5" long X 4" wide X 1" deep (please note that this is as strangely shaped little thing, so those measurements are at the widest and longest points only.  Interior space does taper along the zipper depth-wise.)
  • Great for notions, pills, change, or all the little things you always need but seem to only live at the bottom of your bag.
  • Holds little things and do dads

Out and About Crossbody Tote Bag

Out and About Tote bag for knitting and crochet.  Oversized for overnights or just massive projects .  - Erin Lane Bags

The Out and About bag is maybe the biggest bag we have made in a minute.  This bag will hold a whopping 6 POUNDS of YARN.  (Yes, I checked.)  I honestly think I will most likely end up with one of these as my overnight bag and not just for knitting and crochet projects.  Its got a large, long zipper so getting into the bag to find your goodies is easy, while the adjustable crossbody strap means you can carry it multiple ways.  There are no pockets in this behemoth because this is a soft sided bag with no interfacing and very little structure.  Before that turns you off of it, that also means you can fold this bag down to almost only 6" square and tuck it into another bag to make sure when you are traveling or yarn shopping, YOU NEVER RUN OUT OF ROOM!

Bag Facts:

  • Measures approximately 22" wide, 13" tall and 6" deep
  • Great for blankets, overnight trips (or weekend ones honestly) large projects, sweaters, multiple projects, traveling with yarn, going to fiber events or yarn shows. (This bag packs small and shops big, so double win in the travel column) 
  • Holds about 6720 yards of DK or worsted weight yarn (6 pounds of yarn yall.)

Pack It Up Tote

Pack It Up Crossbody tote for knitting and crochet projects. - Erin Lane Bags

This might be one of my favorites from this year's bag line up! It looks a lot like a bowler bag, but isn't quite that big. The unique construction of this bag means that the interior seams are bound with grosgrain ribbon adding to the stability of the bag as well as its durability.  This also allows you to knit or crochet out of this bag while you walk with it's cross body feature, but also has comfortable handles so you don't have to have anything on your shoulders either!

Fun fact, Hankmas always keeps us on our toes, and this year, this bag was the one that had us dancing away.  Due to a simple 1/2 inch difference in how me make the bag stand up (we call this cornering a bag, by no means is that an official sewing term) these bags might vary in size and shape.  We tried super hard to make sure that if you got multiple bags, you got all the same ones, but that wasn't always possible.  So if one of your bags is a little taller and narrower, and one is a little wider and shorter, that would be why.  1/2 inch makes a huge difference in sewing, yall.  A HUGE DIFFERENCE.

Bag Facts: 

  • Measures approximately 10" X 12" X 3" or 12" X 10" X 4"
  • Great for sweaters, baby blankets, vests, color work projects, also great as a book bag for school/library runs.
  • Holds about 2240 yards of DK or worsted weight

Snap and Stash Notions and Project Bag

Snap and Stash notions and project bag with snap tab to attach to other bags. - Erin Lane Bags

The Snap and Stash is useful for so many things not just knitting and crochet.  Though I will say, it is quite handy as a project bag for a hat or socks.  But you can use this little buddy for just about anything.  Don't let the picture (or the way it arrived in your package) fool you, it packs a punch.  The gusseted corners (folded on top here) mean that this bag is about 2 inches deep.  Plenty of room for a ball of yarn and a se to of needles or your favorite hook. Is use this when I travel for my meds and supplements, and I keep one in my purse with my essential oil rollers in it.  There might be more than one hanging around in most of my bags because that handy snap tab means I can add it to just about any other bag and expand what I already can carry.  PERFECTION.

And since the corners on this bag look a little wacky, I made a quick video on how to "unfold" and "refold" you bag should you need to. That way you get the most out of that little guy! You can watch it below!


Bag Facts:

  • Measures approximately 7" tall X 6" wide X 2" deep
  • Great for small, single skein projects, organizing cords and chargers, or any other things you need to keep separated from the regular contents of your bag
  • Holds about 100g of yarn in any weight

Stash The Most Storage Solution and Project Bag

Stash The Most Storage Solution and Project bag with wide vinyl panel so you can see into your bag. - Erin Lane Bags

This might look like our regular Stash Finder project bag, but it's actually got a gusseted top AND bottom.  (They are folded back currently.  Check out the video below to make sure you are using all the space in this organizer.) Requested by one of our long time Bag Buddies, this bag is designed to fit in a square shelving system like the Ikea Kallax.  The large, clear, vinyl panel allows you to see into your bag, making it the ideal solution to organize your crafting queue.  Got the yarn, pattern, hook and/or needles for a project?  Put everything in the Stash the Most and next time you want to cast on, you know just where to look.  This is the largest of the three stash finders we offer.  We have the original Stash Finder, and the Stash A Lot, and this bag is the Stash the Most (see what I did there?)

And since this bag will look like it's no bigger than your regular stash finder.  Here is a quick video on how to open up the gusset to get the full space in your bag!


Bag Facts:

  • Measures approximately 13 X 13 X 4 inches deep (top and bottom)
  • Great for storing a project ready to be cast on, showing off your handwork, ogling your pretty yarn while keeping it dust (and bug) free. 
  • Holds about 2240 yards of DK or worsted weight yarn

Vantage Tote Bag:

Vantage tote bag for knitting and crochet projects with two angled pockets one front and one back. - Erin Lane Bags

The Vantage tote is designed so you can take advantage of every inch of space (see what I did there. I do love a pun.)  There are two zippered angled pockets one on both the front and the back.  Don't let the angle on that pocket intimidate you. The smallest part of that pocket is almost 4 inches deep.

And yes, the pockets are on the outside.  Because haven't we all had to EMPTY a bag to find something in a pocket?  Doesn't that DEFEAT THE WHOLE POINT?  Seems like a simple solution to just put the pockets on the outside.  Just sayin'.  The light colored interior is also ideal to help you see your project and anything else that might be hiding from you. 

This is a shoulder style bag with a comfortable 26 inch long strap leaving plenty of room for you comfortably carry it.  

Bag Facts:

  • Measures approximately 13" tall X 18" wide X 6" deep
  • Great for sweaters, blankets, multiple projects, a purse and project bag combo, multiple projects
  • Holds about 4480 yards of DK or worsted weight yarn

Zip Top Project Bag

Zip Top Project Bag for knitting and crochet projects with handy d-ring to add handle for easy carrying. - Erin Lane Bags

This might not have been our most creative named bag, but she was popular. This zippered project bag is deceptively roomy on the inside. With a light colored interior, you can see your project and notions with ease. The addition of the D-Ring on the outside makes it a great place to attach the bag to your favorite fob or handle and turn just a project bag into an easy to carry wrist bag. 

Bag Facts:

  • Measures approximately 13" wide X 8" tall X 4" deep
  • Great for hats, shawls, socks, scarves, colorwork projects
  • Holds about 1120 yards of DK or worsted weight yarn

Hankmas Math:

 So here's the thing. I have had a lot of time to sit and think, WHY IS THIS TAKING SO LONG TO FINISH.  And in all that sewing, I figured it out.  That week, that one week where there was all that snow and we couldn't get into the studio, that's what did it.  

And you're probably thinking the same thing I am, but it was just one week, why did it take an extra two weeks to get everything finished.  And that, my friends, is a very good question.  So here's some bag math for you.  It's a huge amount of time we lost and even though it looked like a week, we really lost almost 3 weeks of labor. 

Let's get into it.

So that week we were down was 7 days.  7 days we couldn't safely get into the office.  But that's not 7days of just me working.

One of the bags for Hankmas takes 32 minutes to make, cut to finish.  We produced (I think I packed so many numbers are now a little jumbled) 117 of them. 

So here's that math break down. 

The bags were already cut and pressed, so you can take about 5 minutes off that time total, that had already been achieved.  Leaving 27 minutes of labor on the bag (that includes sewing, making corners, sewing more, binding, straps sewing, hardware assembly, and of course, turning the bag right side out (most times at least twice. Sewing can be weird.)

So 27 x 117=3159 minutes of work on that one style bag.  Divide 3159 minutes by 60 minutes/hour to find out the labor hours on that bag and you get 87.75 hours.

So what we lost that week, was this.  That Saturday I would have had 4 people working.  Jenni and I would have been sewing, Michele and Angie would have been, turning, marking, folding, etc.  So 4 people working for 8 hours is 32 labor hours IN ONE DAY. (And I work a lot more than 8 hours a day during this kind of production.)


Because of the snow, I never had 4 people producing at once. So in one day I could have knocked out almost half of that one style bag. Instead I pieced it out and still clocked the full 87.75 hours, just not nearly as quickly because there weren't as many people working on the same thing all at once. Even though everything stopped in middle Tennessee for a week, no one is going to adjust their schedules to reschedule that many things: parties, meetings, recitals, school plays, doctors appointments, etc. And that is just for that one Saturday we had to cancel.  That doesn't account for the 3-4 days Michele and Angie were scheduled to work during the week.  That's another 30+ hours of prep and things that had to be made up.

Michele, Angie and Jenni had things to do the following weeks and weekends and for sure they should go do them!  And Jenni, trouper that she is came in every Saturday for like four Saturdays to help get it done. But she had to work that around her previous Saturday engagements, and because she's the best, she did!

Am I upset with how long it took to get everything out, yes and no.  I am bummed I was still sewing until the middle of February, but I am also super impressed with how this amazing group of women came together to make what should be impossible happen.  Angie and Michele turned bags right side out (that was the ONLY THING they did) for two days.  That's at least 24 labor hours of TURNING BAGS!

To say Hankmas was a success would be a GROSS understatement.  To say I have the best team in the universe is also probably a gross understatement.  Those ladies are the very best.

So thank you to all the amazing women who help make this happen, and to our amazing community for all the support and patience as we get you all these new goodies!  Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. We hope you love your bags as much as we loved making and designing them. (I do really love Hankmas despite it's headaches)

PS. I have a plan to make it a little less crazy for 2024. Which means, there might be MORE fabric options?!  I might have lost my whole mind, but stay tuned to find out.