Stash Crash Club: Worsted Wonders Edition

Stash Crash: One Skein Worsted Wonders

If you are like many knitters you have made at least some resolution to knit something from stash.  We want to help.  

Looking through my stash, I notice that I have a lot of extra single skeins of worsted yarn.  That "safety skein" as it were, from when I was knitting a sweater, and didn't want to run out of yarn in the right dye lot.  So ,now I have a lot of odd ball worsted skeins with, literally, no plan.

This year, we have dedicated Stash Crash to the Odd Ball.  That weird random collection of worsted weight skeins in  your stash waiting to become a project. 

This year you will knit along with us on 6 different single skein projects to bust that worsted stash.  You can expect, mittens, fingerless mitts, a cowl, a hat, and a few more things we are going to surprise you with.  

Another bonus to worsted weight projects, is that they knit up quickly, so when you've had a rotten day, you can sit down and see results quickly.  (Is there anything better? Probably not.)

Stash Crash

What do you get when you sign up?

  • An exclusive bag for that month's project
  • A digital copy of the pattern using one skein of worsted weight yarn for each pattern. Placed into your Ravelry library by the designer Knitting Fairy.
In addition to your membership includes:
  • Access to the Erin.Lane Facebook group to post questions and triumphs and show off your stash yarn.


How much does it cost?

The club is $15 a month for the Small Project Bag and $16 a month for the Sock Project Bag.  Billed every month even if nothing ships that month.

How often do I get a bag?

You will receive a bag every other month starting at the end of January.  (February, April, June, August, October, December.)

What kind of bags will I receive?

You will get six EITHER sock or small project bags.  Since this is a club where two different project bags are both well suited, you can choose between the sock project bag or the small project bag.

You will be billed every month and receive bags every other month.  We have found that it is easier for people to budget an every month expense than trying to remember which months are billed and which months aren't.

When will I receive my bags?

The first bag will come at the end of January or beginning of February depending on when we fill our slots.  The rest of the bags will ship in the first half of each of the applicable months. (Pending that the fabric isn't sold out or delayed or the warehouse goes up in flames.  And yes, that did happen.)

Will I get floofbaahs for my membership?

Yes, you will!  However, we will have to manually add it to your account each month.

Will I get support if I get confused or don't know how to proceed?

Of course!  We have an awesome Facebook group where you can come and ask questions, and you can always message the Knitting Fairy on Ravelry.

How do I receive my pattern?

The designer will place it in your Ravelry library, so will we have to collect your Rav ID.  She will put the digital file in your library around the same time as the bag ships to you.  We tried printing them, but it seems like in the digital world, everyone would rather have the digital copy in case something happens to the printed on (me included).

Will these be exclusive fabrics?

Yes!  We won't be designing these for the club specifically, but we will have fabrics that you won't see on the racks at shows or on our website.