Planner Camp 2024

If you have ever bought a planner, used it for a few weeks, and then at the end of the year thrown it away with almost nothing in it, this is the thing for you.

Because I have been there.

I threw away planners of my students for YEARS. All of them empty.


Because no one taught them to use it. So I'm going to do that.

If you want to learn how to use a planner in a way that works (where you won't feel intimidated and also learn a little about your brain) this is the place for you!

We will talk about brain science, planning, goal setting, and time blocking to name a few things.

Join us each night at 7:30 PM CT for a chat and a little insight into how to use a planner in a way that works for YOU!

Each day there may be things that I show you or mention that you can come here and download for your reference or to add to your planner (be it physical or digital.)

Feel free to stop back each day for the items that were used as examples or possible downloads!

Day 1: Like this planner will work.

We looked at why using a planner has been hard in the past.  Maybe you just never did it, and want to try, or it felt overwhelming and you wanted to try again.  Maybe you just threw out a almost empty planner (minus a few random phone numbers or reminders scribbled recklessly on a random page or two.)

Here's the thing.  Planning is a system.  We talked about how that system can work and introduced the idea of getting familiar with your planner and making an active decision on how you want to use each section. 

To keep you motivated.  We make a year long trackable addition for you planner.  You can download it here.

 Download the 365 Day Tracker Here!

Day 2: This is Your Brain On Paper (or Tablet).

We did a little work on how your brain works with a fun little story that I used to use when I taught 8th grade.  Where (hopefully) you all followed along at home.  This lead to a discussion on how your brain builds connections and how it creates memory.  

After our strange and short brain science lesson (we will reference the terms in that again all week.) We discussed note taking and how writing is connected to memory and helping you create pathways in your brain.  

We then talked about the pros and cons to each type of planner (digital and paper) and how you can use both to your advantage. 

We then took a tour of the ins and outs of your brain in relation to design.  We explored how even the text you are using can impact how and when you see/read things in a planner. (This applies both digitally and physically).  I showed examples of planners using stickers and color coding poorly and well, so that our neurodivergent friends can see that you can have fun, but you have to put your brain first. 

Download the Design Course Pages

Planner Camp Day 3: You're a Goal Crusher!

We talked about goals and goal setting. And if you have ever worked anywhere (especially in education) you have probably heard the term SMART goals.  And while they are probably pretty smart, they are also associated mostly with work and raises and black and white success.  

And the truth is that success is rarely black and white.  Progress is success.  Progress forward is growth.  That should be rewarded too.  So while SMART goals are great, you don't need a formula to set and goal and achieve it.  You already set several goals today and crushed them!  Why, because you made a plan!  So there.  LOOK AT YOU GO!

Planner Camp Day 4: That S#!T Will Block Right Out!

We discussed Time Blocking and how it affects your brain.  The difference between deep work and shallow work and how to get there, and how to work so your brain does what you want it to! (looking at my fellow neurospicy friends out there)

We also launched our 1 preorder of the year with our Planner Accessory line!  Normally it is just the planner cozy for your planner, but this year we added the Planner Buddy and the Fabric Corner Bookmark.  

You can shop all planners and planner accessories here!

 Shop our Planner Accessory line!

Planner Camp Day 5: Habit Doesn't Have to be A Bad Word

We discussed habit trackers and how they can be used to teach your brain to do things until they are done.  We also talked about how to stack habits so that you experience more success and went over some of the trackers in the back of the Sheeple Planner.



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