Hank Spanks Yarn Sock in Demi "I Can't Even"

Hank Spanks Yarn Sock in Demi "I Can&

Hank Spanks Yarn Sock in Demi "I Can't Even"

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Hank Spanks is shape wear for your yarn! 

Keep your cakes from becoming a tangled mess.  Our first collaboration with Slipped Stitch Studios brings their yarn socks to you in our exclusive Sheeple prints.  

Hank Spanks can hold cakes of all sizes and weights of yarn.  Keeping your yarn happy and in place.  Never worry about the dreaded cone top on your cake again.


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Jean Kersul

Love the stretchy-ness of it!

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Hank Spanks Yarn Sock in Demi "I Can't Even"
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When I have a new WIP, it's amazing how quick I look for an Erin Lane. Sturdy and long lasting.

Los Angeles, CA

I have many small project bags, but this style is my favorite. Fun fabrics and a tight drawstring closure so my kitties can’t get my yarn. Thanks for a great bag

Kelly M.
Orlando, FL

It is very cute and has lots of room to put my pesky notions. Inevitably I will lose something and the notions KnitPack fits the bill. ❤️

Alita M.
Hollis, NH

The twofer bag is an ingenious design and so practical for small two color projects. Kudos to the designers! And the Care Bear Sheeple fabric is really cute. The granddaughters in my life are trying to sneak away with my new bag!

Mary N.
Charlotte, NC

Love these interchangeable needle holders. This holds my set of knitters pride karbonz and all of the as sundries.

Linda D.
Huntsville, AL

Love my dpn/crochet in Larry “Balls”. Easily fits many of my double point needles with room for additions. What is best is Larry...he makes me smile every time I see it.

Barbara D.
Southington, CT