Our Mission

Erin.Lane was created to solve all the problems in storage that everyone else ignores. We never understood the point of a zipper near yarn, or tying closed a needle case only to have to fight with the knot.  We didn't understand why anyone would put black on the inside of a tote or why velcro would ever be allowed near a project.  We understand the needs of the knitter and crocheter because we are knitters, too.  We just set out to fix the things that drove us nuts, and it ended up we weren't alone.  Apparently, those same things drive you nuts, too.

Erin.Lane’s mission is to provide quality handmade products to the fiber crafting community, to make organizing the hobby easy and fashionable while continuing to meet the needs of knitters in the real world.

Needles, notions, and yarn storage are just a few of the challenges facing today's fiber enthusiast. Erin.Lane knows the problems faced by the avid knitter and crocheter.  Managing needles large and small, notions galore, and storing that ever growing stash keeps us up most nights, but it's worth it.  We are knitters, too.  We get it.  There is nothing more frustrating than misplacing the tip of an interchangeable set or losing your measuring tape when you need to know if you need to decrease again. 

To that we say, "NEVER AGAIN!"

We have things for every kind of needle and notion, large or small, every size project and everything in between.  To those of you who often fret about your missing items or overflowing ziplox bags of yarn, we want to welcome you.  Your organizational sanctuary is right here.  Enjoy.