Twofer Project Bag in Orange Pinwheel


Tired of trying to knit two socks at one time out of one bag? The endless tangling and untangling before knitting, the strings, the knots, the time. Here is the solutions to all your problems.

The Two-fer is the only two at a time sock bag that really works. Measuring 10 inches tall and 5 inches deep, this bag features one more thing that makes it possible to never have to untangle yarn again. The S-shaped divider in the middle ensures that each side of the bag has ample room for a ball of yarn and a sock.

The divider goes to the top of the closure so you can feel safe that your yarn won’t get mingled; however, you can drape a long circular with two socks on it across the divider and the bag with still stay closed as it features the Erin.Lane self-locking closure.

To top it off, in case you are a knitter on the go, you can also attach this bag to your belt or bag handle and knit as you go. The nickel plated snap tab makes it easy to add this bag to any bag, so you are never without your favorite socks or colorwork project.

Bam. Problem solved.

project bag yardage estimates

*Fabric placement may vary product to product.