Pattern Keeper in Larry Balls


Tired of finding your pattern in a wad at the bottom of your knitting bag? This handy little pattern keeper will solve that problem and with style.

The pattern keeper is perfect for a full-size knitting or crocheting pattern, no need to resize, just copy and slide it in the protective sleeve it will soon call home.

It measures 4 X 9.5 closed and has a ribbon snap closure to ensure that your pattern is safe. Open it measures 9.5 X 12 to fit a full-size piece of paper.

This pattern keeper features an anti-glare vinyl cover for your pattern that works brilliantly with highlighter tape to help you keep your place. It also has a second snap that will allow you to fold the pattern keeper back and set it up in a triangle so that it stands independently while you knit.

The inside and outside are two coordinating fabrics, so you can get your pattern keeper to match your favorite Erin. Lane tote or drawstring as well.

Did I mention it is washable, because, yea, it is.

*Fabric placement may vary product to product