Dice Bag in Tools of the Trade


Ever get tired of seeing something and thinking, “That is almost perfect for ____.” Well, we are too.

After watching my husband put his dice in the most terrible old bag and losing more than one, I put a zipper on a bag and told him to have at it.

Little did I know, I would steal it back quickly for my notions. So we took his dice bag and made it better.

Measuring 8” X 6” X 4” this little bag is great for notions, charger cables, or anything you need to keep tamed and tidy. Featuring a study carabiner, you can clip this bag almost anywhere and stay not only organized but stylish as well. The #3 nylon coil zipper closes easily but the teeth are too small to snag your yarn. Because, happy yarn knits better.

Pair this with the Barrel bag to add extra storage or toss it into your favorite project bag to keep everything you need in one place.

And if that isn't’ enough, yes, you can wash it, because sometimes life is messy, and someone has to be able to clean it up.

project bag yardage estimate

*Fabric placement may vary product to product.