Ewetility Backpack in Slytherin Crest


Need a tote that can do just about anything? We’ve got that.

The Ewetility Backpack measures 17 X 14 X 4 with three exterior pockets. Two angled pockets on the front are great for water bottles and notions, the back zippered pocket is designed for your iPad, tablet, tablet computer or personal belongings for extra security.

But what about all the little things that you need while crafting away? There is a small notions pocket on the inside of the flap for just that purpose. Store your stitch markers, scissors, and other goodies, or stash a little extra cash, for when you find the perfect skein of yarn at your LYS.

The adjustable magnetic closure protects the zippered closure and also keeps the front looking tidy as they bag fills or is emptied, no weird flap sticking out in the air just because your bag is full.

And then the age-old debate, one strap or two. We said, why not both?

The strap offers you two ways to carry. You can leave the handles zipped for a single strap, crossbody carry style, or you can unzip the strap and carry it like a traditional backpack.

There is plenty of room inside to carry approximately 2000 yards of light worsted weight yarn. And if you need to, you can always wash it. (Just make sure all the pockets are empty first.)

*Fabric placement may vary product to product.