Mystery Bag Fundraiser

By Erin.Lane Bags


This listing is for one mystery project bag with a minimum value of $20. 100% of the profits from this fundraiser will go to Rebecca Velasquez (RV Designs) to pay for her Mila's surgery. If we manage to raise extra funds above and beyond what is needed, any additional funds will go to benefit therapy dog training. Please note: No coupon codes may be used on this item as it is for charity. 

The first self-locking project bag.

Erin.Lane set out to solve the fiber enthusiasts' transportation problems and we did just that. We engineered the original self-locking project bag so that it won't come open until you pull it open. Also, it is fully lined to ensure that your knitting needles and knitting projects stay safely inside: undamaged and untangled.

We are knitters at Erin.Lane, and we know we would not want to lose a row on a sock because one of the needles poked through the bag. We also know the horror of finding a project stuck or tangled in another project. This little project bag measures a cozy 12 X 12 inches. It is perfect for small projects like socks, shawls, hats, and baby sweaters.

Like always, this drawstring bag is 100% machine washable because we know that life happens.

Bag Size and Yardage estimate

*Fabric placement may vary product to product.

Customer Reviews

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I just wanted you to know that your bags are the best. Thanks for the large sweater bag and twofer. Thanks Betty

Mystery bag sale to help puppy surgery

When Lindsey posted on FB that she would be doing a sale if Mystery bags to help a friend who’s dog needed surgery I knew I had to get a bag. I know that any bag made by Lindsey will be great quality, and beautiful as well. The fact that she is selling her creations to help a friend just shows what wonderful company Erin Lane Bags is.


Mystery Bag Fundraiser

Mystery Bag

Best ever!! ❤️💕❤️💕 quality is above as always. Product was delivered quickly and customer service is the best as always. Very pleased!